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Informe financiero


We resolve the raising of financial resources

We accompany your company in raising capital for its correct development. Our consulting team has been negotiating with banks and investors for more than 25 years, with which they know perfectly the financial needs that your business needs, and how to negotiate them.

When approaching potential investors, we always guarantee control of the company by the owner, preventing the dilution of their capital. In our work you will always find high quality presentation documents and a well-defined Business Plan, which will help you make the best decision.

In this aspect it is also important to obtain an adequate valuation of your company, finding all the existing economic and productive potential. In most cases, it is not about applying only mathematical valuation techniques, but rather it is necessary to adjust the price between the two parties involved in the negotiation.

At Growpime we are specialists in detecting intangible elements, which must be known at the time of the transaction, apart from the historical facts that reflect the balance sheets and official information of the company.


Our difference is based on presenting projects with a realistic and well-prepared perspective, a fact that also allows us to access financing sources from banks or official bodies.

In the attached form you can request information without commitment regarding the different financing channels that we can help you find:   


                        I NVERSORES EXTERNAL

                        BANK FINANCING

                        NEXT GENERATION FUNDS  


Choose your financing plan

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