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    Whilst several international management standards are addressing the needs and basic requirements for quality, environment, risk, business continuity, social accountability, and safety management, there is no standard for the Management of the Business itself which hosts the techniques and activities to which such standards can be applied which has necessitated the publication of the Business Management Standard BMS75000:2020. 

     This standard provides a means by which strategic decisions can be justified to all stakeholders. This is achieved by setting down basic requirements for measuring the business activity and the standards of Management. By applying this standard, business activities can be accounted for against planned requirements which can then be controlled, checked, and justified if required.

      The Business Standard BMS75000:2020 is an extensive document consisting of more than 70 pages. It is supported with additional guides, documented advice, and a series of cross-matrix tables to accommodate its use with other recognized international standards. This summary is provided to give an overview of a Company or Authorities for assessing its merits and application within a given industry or service.

    The BMS75000:2020 standard is the property of Q-Share International Limited and Growpime Consulting are authorised agents for the promotion and sales of the standard in Spain. Growpime consultants have extensive knowledge for the implementation of Business Management Systems to BMS75000:2020. 

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